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We Get You Noticed...
We Get You Noticed...

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Not Sure Where to Start? - Often times, our clients are faced with “not knowing where to start” when they have a message they want to portray.  That message could be promoting their business, their sports team, a specific product line, or a specific service, etc.

Have a Specific Product? - So you’ve already got a project underway or already know what you want to promote?  Many of our clients work with us this way as well.  Now would be the perfect time to lean on us to help you find, or even help you decide on the best promotional items, printing or corporate apparel for the project.

Let Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC, put our 25+ years of creativity and experience to work for you.    Request a Consultation     Back to Top

How We Work Together - Here’s the part where it gets real easy for you our client.  Whether you are in the beginning stages of a project, the middle or the end of the project, we strive to make achieving your objectives as easy as possible.

Promotional Strategy - What is It? - An effective promotional strategy is an ongoing process that requires a careful plan; executable, and with a clear goal.  The effectiveness of your strategy depends on more than how much money you put into it. Effectiveness results from the thoroughness of your planning and the consistency with which you carry it out.

Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC, excels at consulting with you to get the best return on investment, with whatever budget you have to work with.  We assist you in planning for a positive outcome, then purchasing the right promotional tools to succeed.  As Members of ASI, Michigan Promotional Products Industry Association, and PPAI, we are able to find those usual and unusual promotions to make your statement stick.    Request a Consultation     Back to Top

Promotional Strategy - Why Do I Need It? - Simple.  Not having a promotional strategy is like taking a cross country trip without a road map.  Without the road map you would just be wandering around hoping you get to where you want to go!

However, with a good map (i.e. your Promotional Strategy), you know where you're starting from; where you want to end up; all of the stops or detours along the way; how long it will take; and how you're going to get there.

Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC, not only knows how important Promotional Strategy is; we work on developing them with every client.  Let us help you reach your goals with a solid Promotional Strategy.    Request a Consultation     Back to Top

Promotional Strategy - How Do I Do It? - There are very important steps that must be taken when developing a Promotional Strategy.  We don't just buy some trinkets and hope we make an impact.  A good strategy is well thought out with the following steps:

  1. FIGURING OUT WHO YOU ARE - Establishing Your Identity
  2. DECIDING ON YOUR PRODUCTS - Developing a Theme
  3. DECIDING WHO YOU WANT TO ATTRACT - Identifying Your Target Audience
  5. ACTUALLY GETTING YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS - Developing Your Message Content
  6. DECIDING HOW TO SAY IT - Developing Your Message Structure
  7. DECIDING HOW TO PRESENT IT - Developing Your Message Format
  8. TAKING YOUR MESSAGE TO YOUR AUDIENCE - Choosing Your Delivery System
  9. HOW IS IT GOING? - Evaluation

Obviously, there is much detail in each step above.  Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC, utilizes each of these steps in developing very good Promotional Strategies with every client.    Request a Consultation     Back to Top



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