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About Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC...

Stewardship...An Every Day Way of Life 

2012 Stewardship Calendars
brought to you by
Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC

Located in Schoolcraft, Michigan, Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC has been creatively serving clients for 10+ years.  We enjoy bringing to you, the best of our abilities.

Our Stewardship Calendars are a labor of love and worship.  We personally hand select each image, and with guidance select Spiritual Leaders to choose and reflect on the important messages and scriptures our beautiful calendar portrays.

From the very beginning, our clients recognized that we don't just sell you products; we don't just hand you a catalog and say, "Pick something!".  In fact if this was what we do, we would expect NOT to have your business.

Our approach to great customer service that keeps our clients returning for royal treatment is just that; royal treatment:

  1. We pledge always to creative in our approach to finding the perfect products for our clients.
  2. Our clients are our livelyhood.  We understand that without them we wouldn't exist.  For this we are greatful and will continue to offer only exceptional customer service and response.
  3. We will continue to do everything within our power to ensure timely delivery of our products to our valued clients.  If there is an unavaoidable delay, we pledge to ALWAYS keep the customer informed.
  4. We will consistenly follow up with our clients to ensure that what we've helped them with was as they expected.

We've done well as a small, family owned business in Southwest Michigan.  We look forward to many more years of providing the same (no, better!) rapid response and customer service our clients have come to know us for.

Thank you!

Dan and Mollie

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Stewardship Calendars brought to you by
Midwest Printing & Promotions, LLC
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